Mission, message, marketing and mobilization!

Pillar 1 - Mission:  Most organizations have an amazing mission...but is it articulated clearly?  Is it focused to differentiate you from the competition?

Pillar 2 - Message: Is your mission woven into the fabric of all that you do and say?  Do your various stakeholders (donors, volunteers, participants, beneficiaries) know the mission and understand THEIR role in making it a reality?

Pillar 3 - Marketing:  Many nonprofits equate "marketing" and "promotions"....we will help you understand the difference.  We factor in the "other 3 P's" (Product, Price and Place) as well as helping you strategize all your promotional options.

Pillar 4 - Mobilization: Are you tackling your mission with just Board and Staff?  Curious how other organizations are able to mobilize armies of volunteers and participants?  We'll help you untap your mission's potential to engage others.


Bostian has 30+ years of experience leading non-profit organizations with a focus on relief and development and programs for at-risk children.   He is bilingual with years of experience with large, medium and small organizations - both domestic and international.

His unique blend of "field experience" (programs) with "home office" (executive and marketing) helps clients to bridge the common disconnect between these disparate teams.

  • General Management Consultation

  • Board Development

  • Start-ups

  • Partnership Development

  • Project Management

Marketing &
  • Digital Marketing & Branding

  • Inbound Marketing & Automation

  • Donorbase Analysis

  • CRM Systems & Online Donations

  • Social Media Integration

  • Collateral Materials

Project/Proposal Design 
  • Needs Assessments

  • Project Design

  • Proposal Development

  • Foundation Research

Volunteer / Group
  • Volunteer mobilization strategy and planning

  • Large-scale church / group engagement

  • Affiliated Volunteer Management Training


Strategy & Problem Solving 
Interim Leadership
  • S.W.O.T.  Analysis

  • Customized solutions to your unique challenges

  • Board assistance

  • Team / Departmental assistance

  • Interim CEO

  • Interim Development / Marketing Director

  • Interim Project Management

  • Virtual Office / Administration